Learn the technique

Here you'll discover that the simple act of recycling is more than a responsibility, it's an opportunity. A real chance to encourage your inventiveness. This manual contains four basics lessons to start designing with six-pack-rings. It is currently being used in workshops, community organizations and particulars through this website. Future editions will include lessons to design with other plastic materials.

Feel free to mix, change or create a new method. Whatever stimulates your ideas. It doesn't matter If you end creating belts, chairs, curtains or even a dress, all discoveries are welcome. Upload your designs so you can inspire others to recycle through art.

  • NECKLACE poke
  • MATERIALS sixpack rings, thick string, metal clamps
  • TOOLS scissors, metal pliars

  • 1 cut rings into thirds
  • 2 left with 3 separate pieces
  • 3 thread the string through inner holes, add beads
  • 4 clamp ends

  • NECKLACE empty bubbles
  • MATERIALS sixpack rings, metal clamps, metal loops, clasps
  • TOOLS scissors, metal pliars

  • 1 fold rings into thirds
  • 2 squeeze ends and secure with clamp
  • 3 use metal rings to connect each bubble
  • 4 attach clasps at each end

  • NECKLACE anemone
  • MATERIALS sixpack ring, thick string, beads, clasp
  • TOOLS scissors, metal pliars

  • 1 cut rings in thirds. cut each outer strips in thirds, creating 3 "c" shapes
  • 2 bend each "c" into a loop. clamp at ends
  • 3 thread the loops onto string. add beads
  • 4 loop end of thread through clasp,secure with clamp

  • NECKLACE lonely seeds
  • MATERIALS sixpack rings,thick string, beads, metal clamps, clasp
  • TOOLS scissors, metal pliars

  • 1 cut rings into thirds, leaving three "x" shaped pieces
  • 2 punch a small hole in the corners of each piece. thread string through
    all holes, push together and tighten on string
  • 3 add beads as desired
  • 4 loop end of string in clasp, secrue with clamp

Art works

The ORIGOMU technique is based on the art of recycling plastic waste for the creation of unique pieces of artwear.

Download the Origomu Manual [PDF] to learn the basics of the Origomu technique.